Butter Caramel Cake

Rich butter cake with our signature caramel sauce.

Butter Caramel Cake

Butter Caramel Cake

Rich butter cake with our signature caramel sauce.

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#1 Chocolate Cake in Manila 2019:

"Too much of a good thing is never bad, we say, especially when it comes to chocolate. Big Al's Cookie Jar makes a cake that is pure chocolate through and through. It's the perfect balance of sweet and dark chocolate that'll have you reaching for seconds, thirds, and more!"


#1 in The Best Chocolate Cakes in Manila:

"Ah, the classic Chocolate Cake. Whether you like yours fabulously decadent or light and fluffy, a slice of chocolate cake is always going to be treat worth the calories, don't you agree? Don't go blaming us when you reach for that second slice!"


Yummy PH's 25 Favorite Desserts:   Chocolate Caramel Cake by Big Al's

"Served in an unassuming tin container, this cake doesn't need frills to be good. The moist chocolate cake is topped with a caramel sauce that tastes just like your favorite Leche flan caramel!"


"This without EXAGGERATION is by far the BEST Chocolate Cake ever! I literally had to lick off my plate just so that I wouldn’t waste any of the chocolate icing!"

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla

"This is not an ad.. It's seriously the best Chocolate Cake I've ever had. So you're welcome! The cake is so moist and the icing is just the right amount."

Kelsey Merritt

"Heaven bless the day they made their first Caramel Cake. I craved for and ate a big, fat slice every day for a whole week until I had to practice some hard-to-come-by-when-food-is-this-good self-control."

Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez